Statues create a long-term presence that shapes the space around them. They are placed in it so as to fill it with spirituality and emotions. For a moment they give passers-by, who would otherwise walk through the space without noticing anything, reason to stop. They will think about the statue every time they walk past it, because it can cannot be grasped through reason. It shouldn’t anger them, but unsettle them – in a positive way. Even though I don’t always stick to it, I primarily perceive a statue as a static object, one with an unchanging form with a great ability to endure in time – over centuries or millennia.

The materials I work with are in accordance with this: bronze and, in recent years, stainless steel. I find it good when a building project includes a statue, which has the potential to endure in time without changes or modifications and in the authentic form it had at the time of its creation. This doesn’t mean that we should expect the same thing from the building itself, or that changes cannot happen in the future. What is important is that the statue is capable of resisting time, not only physically, but also in terms of ideas.