‘Michal Gabriel Spaces’ is a project focusing on the application of art in the public arena.

Enriching the urban landscape and development projects with sculptures of lasting value. Michal Gabriel is a phenomenon that reaches far beyond the world of art. He is an academic sculptor and innovative visionary whose works have for decades been transforming the everyday reality around us.

Gabriel’s works are original and, at the same time, comprehensible. They immediately grab the attention of passers-by, impressing themselves on the memory in the same way that Michal Gabriel imprints his sculptor’s art on non-malleable metals. The central theme of his works are layers, and each of his statues reshapes and supplements the space around it on many levels.

Timeless art has been an important component of the most prestigious construction projects since time immemorial and is proof of the need for works of art in architecture and the public arena. Only a perfect design can fulfil the unconscious inner need for spirituality.

Mutual trust and teamwork are key qualities for Michal Gabriel in the creation of his statues from slats of stainless steel, and those qualities he uses in his long-term collaboration with the company KASPER.